Pyote Water Systems was established in 2009 in Midland Texas to engage in the business of owning and operating salt water disposal facilities, fresh water stations, brine stations and any other facilities or business including the handling of oil field water and non-hazardous oil and gas fluid and solid waste for commercial use. The company has an extensive and continuously developing presence throughout the Permian Basin and EagleFord Shale regions of Texas and New Mexico, but is not limited to these areas.
Currently Operated Facilities
At Pyote, we believe in the future. Our operations and management teams believe that safe and reliable disposal and water facilities are key to both service companies and oil and gas operators’ success in newly developing regions. The locations of our currently operated facilities are in key areas throughout the Permian Basin and EagleFord Shale regions with our goal being to provide ready and reliable service for our client’s petro disposal, brine water, and freshwater needs. Our facilities are engineered to maximize unload capacity, allowing truck drivers to minimize the time associated with unloading their trucks and giving our clients opportunities to increase revenue by reducing downtime associated with unloading. Additionally, with efforts to increase and maintain reliability our facilities are continuously monitored remotely by our operations team.
At Pyote Water Systems we understand that being able to rely on SWD’s and freshwater stations is critical for minimizing our customers transportation costs and we take the extra steps needed to ensure that our operations meet the demands of our clients’ needs! Please use the map feature above to view the locations of our facilities and search for our sites near your trucking routes!
Areas of Interest
Our primary areas of operation include, but are not limited to, the Permian Basin and EagleFord Shale regions of Texas. With the ever changing and continuously developing oil and gas infrastructure, we understand that our clients benefit greatly from having disposal and water facilities near the areas they are hauling from. At Pyote, we care about our clients’ needs and are willing to install facilities in newly developing areas. Please Contact Us today with your recommendations for areas in which we can better serve your needs through the installation of a new facility!